电动推杆 LA37

电动推杆 LA37


LA37 也适用于MODUBS系统,此系统专为太阳能跟踪系统而设

最大作用力:7,500 N – 15,000 N
最大速度:3.5 mm/秒

*根据不同环境情况而定 – 参考力纳克太阳能系列目录

线性推杆 LA37



la37 actuator user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use, and maintain your LINAK LA37 actuator.


focus on solar tracking 

By tracking the sun, the output of solar energy can be increased by up to 30-40%.
In this brochure you can learn more about LINAK's actuator solutions for tracking devices. 


solar catalogue 

Product catalogue presenting an overview of the LINAK solar product range - designed with all challenges in mind.